What is CrossFit?


Do you know what CrossFit is? It is a principal strength and a program intended for conditioning many tactical operations team, special operations for military, martial arts champions, police academies and even the world athletes. This is also a program that delivers fitness that is broad, general design and always inclusive. Some Crossfit programs are designed for a perfect application in any committed individuals even without many experiences. It is also a program developed by Greg Glassman (a coach over several decades). He is the first person to introduce the Meaning Of Fitness in a measurable and meaningful way.
Many believe that crossfit is a good way in achieving ones specific goals. In fact some consider it as quite dangerous for those who are not physically and mentally prepared about what Crossfit is and how difficult the crossfit workouts are. To give you some idea, here are the things that you might encounter in having this program:

  • In a Crossfit Workout, you will be generally told to accomplish number of strength trainings or some sort of endurance trainings as fast as you can. During the training, you can also expect for the completion of the training and repetition of it in certain time. If you are physically weak, you can expect that Crossfit would be one of the inappropriate types of routine for you. But if you are capable off doing the exercises, it is then an advantage to your capabilities to continue and achieve its benefits.
  • A crossfit training is requiring specific people to push through the period of training. This is not a discouraging idea but in another way around since it pushes you to the idea of becoming one of the best among the rest in the competition. The motivating atmosphere and people’s desire to do well in the training are the things that might encourage you and other interested people to join on the crossfit trainings. There is only one thing that the people have to remember in joining the trainings and this is not to push themselves when they think they aren’t capable of continuing.
  • If you are not well prepared, you might just gain specific disease. This is one of the reasons why even the crossfit gym is also informing their crossfit trainees to be aware of their physical and mental condition. The trainees must be able to handle physical and mental pressures which are intended for them.

Benefits of Crossfit
The physical setup of a crossfit gym is very ideal since it is well-designed for a place with complete training facilities. The members or trainees are required with proper crossfit clothing to be able to be comfortable and perform well during the training period. Because of these, trainees may possibly acquire the following benefits:

1. It helps in burning calories – one of the main advantages of doing Crossfit is that, it burns high percentage of body’s calories. This is effective in just short period of time. A crossfit workout usually lasts in an average time of 10 up to 20 minutes.

2. It is good for conditioning cardiovascular system – within the entire workout, your heart will remain elevated which result in increasing your body endurance. As a matter of fact, a study showed wherein each of the heart rate of participant has elevated up to 90 percent of the maximum heart rate and this is helping to boost up ones endurance.

3. It helps in increasing joint mobility – because of varied movements made within the crossfit training, increasing of the joint mobility is one of the most essential benefits of crossfit. Through learning proper weight lifting exercises and other workout routines, the risk of acquiring potential injuries are also decreasing.

4. You’ll meet new friends – despite of the fact that there is competition in between other crossfit trainees, this is also a training program wherein trainees have the chance to meet new other people and be encouraged to compete with them in a friendly manner. This may not be a heath related benefit but this could be one of the social benefits that every participant will be able to enjoy during their training. It is possible since the training community is interactive and everyone has the chance to make new friends with one another.
CrossFit is a good program even when not all may possibly be encouraged to be part of the trainings and workouts. This is somehow because the training is only for those who will be able to make themselves survive from difficult trainings that are required to be finished in a certain time. But then, once a participant has learned on how to adjust within the nature of the program, it would become easier to go with the flow of every difficulties. As a result, the said benefits will be acquired and more opportunities as a certified crossfit trainee will be a good way of encouraging more to join.